8 Reasons to Lift Weights, More Curves and Cake

Why I lift Weights (and why you should too)

I’ve gone through Oreos like nobody’s business. Lifting weights is good for you, everyone knows this by now. Losing weight isn’t the only reason to pick up something heavy. Sometimes its good to remind yourself why you drag yourself to go workout, besides feeling totally awesome afterward of course. Each reason has been well researched, you can find countless studies on these in places like google scholars and pubmed (a goldmine for my college research papers). It took a little research to put this list together but without dragging on here are 10 reasons to lift.

1. You Burn More Calories!

That means you can eat more, how is that ever a bad thing?! The occasional slice of cake won’t kill you as badly as your less active friends. Everyone needs some sort of treat, my go to is totally Ice Cream.

2. Your Clothes Will Fit Better

Clothes fall beautifully on someone who takes the time to take care of themselves. Even better is the next reason…

3. Your Body Will Become Your Best Outfit (Curves)

You’ll look better naked and even better you’ll be wearing more confidence. As you lose body fat and build more muscle you will begin to reveal more curves, or lack thereof. Muscle comes in many forms, we all carry it a little differently, but muscle is what makes up those curves that draw your eyes.

4. You Keep Your Body Young, Adding Years to Your Life

Lets be real here. No one wants to grow old and depend on someone else to live. Staying active has been proven to keep your body in tip top shape for longer. You can buy a ticket to the fountain of youth, or you can invest time in the real fountain and lift weights.

5. You’ll Be More Productive

Your brain works better and you can get more accomplished in less time when you exercise. I’m all about saving time.

6. You’ll Catch More Zzzz’s

Lifting greatly improves your sleep quality. You’ll be able to fall asleep faster, get more quality rest and stay asleep longer the night after exercising.

7. You’ll Be More Flexible, and Stay that way

Lifting weights has been proven to aid in the improvement and maintenance of mobility. Being able to move through a full range of joint motion is important to staying flexible as you age.

8. You’ll Get in Shape Faster Than Just Doing Cardio Alone

The results come quickly, within just a few weeks you’ll be feeling stronger and have more stamina